Rasmussen College
“Medical Assisting: Professional”

This presentation is one example of the online videos we have created for Rasmussen College to highlight their programs visually. The video goes in depth on Rasmussen’s Medical Assisting program from a professional perspective. It features Dr. Gretchen Phillips who has appeared on “Dr. Oz”.

Victory Casino Footage Demo Reel

Eclyptic Media had the wonderful opportunity to work with Creative Edge as the production team for Victory Casino Cruises. The footage we shot was used for various types of broadcast media. While we acted as the production team on this project we went into post production to make a highlight reel of all the footage we are so proud of. This piece was done in a classic 70′s montage style. Reminiscent of “Old Vegas”, this demo is complete with film finishing and a film projector lead in. We hope you enjoy watching it as much a we did creating it!

Thom Richard: “#3 Pole Dancer”

This video highlights Pilot Thom Richard and his race team during the 2010 Reno Air Races. Thom’s brand of poison for this event was a Polish Iskra Fighter, which landed him a 1st place trophy! The video was used for endorsement purposes and shows what it takes to be a jet race pilot. Produced by Phil Tripoli and Eclyptic Media, this piece is fast and exciting. Additionally, thanks to new technology in image capturing, we were awarded a 2011 Silver Telly Award.

Rasmussen College: “Touch”

A national spot created for Rasmussen College to promote their School of Nursing Degree Program. It shows the warm feel Rasmussen College has towards helping others. It was produced by Phil Tripoli and directed by Smithy Sipes through our parent company TIMBER! Creative Group.

“Varsity Parents” Teaser Trailer

Varsity Parents is Toddlers and Tiaras to the extreme!
We all either know or have been around those overzealous
parents that will do anything to get their kids to the next
level of sports. They push their kids to practice at all
hours of the day in any month of the year. They’re
especially there during game time and that’s when they’re
the loudest and sometimes the most obnoxious. This “concept trailer” is part of a release package used when pitching networks.
Concept created by Jason Bailey, video services by Eclyptic Media.

Happy Paws: “Your Pet. Pampered.”

It has all cute things, dogs, puppies and kids playing with puppies. One look at this spot, you won’t need anymore questions answered on where to take your pet during your next time away from home!

Oxford Super Blend

The video industrial was filmed to highlight the distribution system for the Oxford product line. This short presentation was used as an overview for investors and future business partners. “Oxford Super Blend” is an example of a video that can be done economically to highlight any business for the web.

Rasmussen College: “Passion”

A direct response spot created for Rasmussen College to promote their School of Health Sciences Degree Program. It was produced by Phil Tripoli and directed by Smithy Sipes through our parent company TIMBER! Creative Group.

Impact Advisors Overview

This presentation was created for Impact Advisors as an overview for their company. Impact Advisors is a growing company in the healthcare field with a fantastic corporate culture. When looking for the best of the best to fill their open positions, they turned to video to highlight the strength and diversity of their team. Eclyptic Media was responsible for post-production and motion graphics after the footage returned from the field.

Baby Goes Pro Vol. 1: Into Excerpt

Baby Goes Pro is a high end children’s video that repetitiously shows children the proper way to use sporting equipment. The idea is to have the methods become a part of the child’s development so that when they go to put these sports into practice later, it comes natural to them on a psychological level. Michelle Obama invited Baby Goes Pro to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll and this product was featured at the New York Toy Fair. Not too shabby! This is a short excerpt of the beginning of the video (we can’t give the whole thing away). Baby Goes Pro was produced by Phil Tripoli and directed by Smithy Sipes through our parent company TIMBER! Creative Group.


Baby Goes Pro: Special Feature

This video is an overview of Baby Goes Pro. A bonus feature on the DVD, The founders talk about their vision for this product and how it can help our youth to get out and move.

Boggy Creek Airboats: Aerial Demo

A demo real to show off HOW COOL air-boating at Boggy Creek can be!! Phil Tripoli literally strapped himself onto the side of a helicopter at 160 mph for the ride of his life to get these shots. Yeah, we do aerials.

Rasmussen College: “110 Years”

This work was created by out parent company TIMBER! Creative Group and highlighted Rasmussen College’s 110 Year Anniversary. Produced by Phil Tripoli and directed by Smithy Sipes.

“Thoughts Become Things”

“Thoughts Become Things” is feature length presentation and companion to New York Times Best Seller Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities”. Mike Dooley and Eclyptic Media with whoiscarrus design teamed up to create a very special DVD that has inspired many around the world! Produced and Co-Directed by Phil Tripoli with stunning graphics and a warm feel by Jeremy Carrus through TIMBER! Creative Group, this film is a rare treat!

“This Man’s Life”

Michael Rooker and Bill Cobbs flew out from LA-LA Land to shoot this wonderful film about finding your true self. Eclyptic Media teamed up with Stars North to do the post production on this film. Check out this short excerpt and see how the production value helped this film come to life!

Rasmussen College: “Follow The Blood”

This is a great piece that highlights Rasmussen College’s MLT Degree Program. The story and the cinematography is beautiful and it does a great job of showing potential students what life is like after school. The story moves fast due to time restraints, but it really shows off some of the camera work that can be achieved with new technology that we have available. This project was produced by Phil Tripoli and our parent company TIMBER! Creative Group.

Big Fish Swim School: Promo Video

Big Fish was the first production done under the Eclyptic name back in 2005. This video is still watched today and gets alot of hits bringing in a good amount of revenue to Big Fish owner Phil Pektas. I’d say he got his return on investment! If you are in the Orlando area and have a child in need of swim lessons or need to touch up your own skills, YOU HAVE TO LOOK THESE GUYS UP. They are the best, period.